That awkward stage.

My hair has grown into that awkward stage that lasts for months. You know it’s the stage where most people won’t see it through to the end and the awkwardness gets the better of them. Where your hair is too short to leave in its natural state but too short long to style properly.  Day […]

Wasting time

I watch a lot of tv series and play a lot of video games. I feel like in a life where there are jungles that have covered entire roads and cars, and beaches that have pink water and parks that get completely covered in crystal clear water in the summer. I feel like what I […]

Hey its been a while.

It has indeed been a while. I have been busy and trying to keep myself in check.  So here’s the thing I have started a tattoo apprenticeship and I’m enjoying it but I don’t have the time to do it 40 hours a week do I don’t get much time on the machine. anyway…. Since […]

Clown Prince Of Crime.

I enjoy the movie and tv renditions of the joker. I haven’t read much batman with him in it. Not really a batman fan…..but I have always had my own thoughts on who the character should be or should’ve been.  But before I talk about my ideas let’s talk about the ones who came before, […]