Feeling lost

Sometimes. Especially I feel like I’m lost and I’m just floating through existence.i make a small dent in the timeline but that’s it. 

My condition

It has been recently confirmed to me that I have “high functioning sociopathic disociation disorder with a low end scale aspergers.”  Which basically means I don’t understand, think or act the way other people do. I process things differently have no empathy or capacity for empathy and therefore arrive at different results than the average […]

A day out

I’m so glad today I get to spend the day with my girlfriend d out together. No kids. Just us. I love that time together. Our own little world of hating people and enjoying our inside jokes.

An affinity for bad movies. 

I love and when I said love I mean love bad old movies. Have a soft spot for movies such as “this island eartg” and “it came from outer space” there is nothing more satisfying to me that suspending my belief completely and savoring the moment of total and Co plete surrender to the ludacricy […]


I find the concerns and small problems of other people to be an inconvenience to me now. Not that I ever cared, but now I see that things people have to say bother me more so, because they aren’t my problem.