My condition

It has been recently confirmed to me that I have “high functioning sociopathic disociation disorder with a low end scale aspergers.” 

Which basically means I don’t understand, think or act the way other people do. I process things differently have no empathy or capacity for empathy and therefore arrive at different results than the average person. 

This also explains my “ability to change and create personality traits, similar to acting. ”

Which in turn apparently explains my ability to imitate and impersonate and why I have such good acting skills.  (I was a child actor) it was explained to me like this…

Normal people when they act try to remember having a certain emotion or state of mind from a similar time and therefore give the impression they are acting a certain way and some don’t convince themselves enough which is why they are bad actors.

I apparently don’t act the way other people do. Because I don’t understand or process emotions the way normal people do and I don’t possess a lot of emotions. I am able to create the impression of a certain emotion because it is almost a defence mechanism for people with low end aspergers to imitate emotion to seem normal. And controlling that ability with convincing power is part of a sociopathic make up which means I have the ability to fake emotions, concern, and interest without truly meaning it or trying.
This has truly blown me away learning this about myself. I don’t feel any different in fact I feel indifferent about the situation. It just turns out that I was a few more traumatic experiences as a child away from being Ted bundy ha.
Well make of it what you will.


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