OK, so watched Jean Claude Van Johnson and it was brilliant, made me laugh, and the action was good. If you’re a fan of ‪#‎JCVD‬ like I am then its definitely worth watching, also if you are a fan of mockumentary series or just Meta comedies in general then it is definitely up your alley with a surreal twist on the concept of action movie stars this makes the whole thing more interesting than originally thought.

It features some great acting and funny little cameo’s and meta jokes such as “not retired like Nicholas Cage retired….” that make this show just interesting in other ways than a straight up action goof.

Overall it’s a great show that genuinely makes you beg for more, half an hour an episode in my humble opinion isn’t long enough….not because it doesn’t get the job done but because I want more. And best of all the first episode is free to watch for anyone with Amazon prime or underground, overall I would give it a solid

‪#‎JCVJ‬ ‪#‎JeanClaudeVanJohnson‬ ‪#‎Originalcomedy‬


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