Clown Prince Of Crime.

I enjoy the movie and tv renditions of the joker. I haven’t read much batman with him in it. Not really a batman fan…..but I have always had my own thoughts on who the character should be or should’ve been. 

But before I talk about my ideas let’s talk about the ones who came before, firstly

Cesar Romero

Hired to play the joker in what was a kids show at the time his character was fun, and attempted to be funny and highly entertaining….a classic performance.

Jack Nicholson

Jacks potrayal was a gangster/hitman turned freak. Who found the funny side of what had happened to him and used his new found face as a mark for crime….Truly a memorable performance.

Heath Ledger

A man turned mentally  unstable, ledger created a character that was void of any material desire and had no interest in grand plans and murdering his greatest rival, his character was unhinged and truly separate of all this that came before him…..for me THE definitive performance of the character itself.

Jared Leto 

Of course problematically disadvantaged by the fact that about 15 minutes of his creation are publicly viewable. Leto created a dark villain that had no alterior  motives than the murder, or chaos he chose to display at the time, manipulative and in love this was again a creation completely different from the rest.

My thoughts.

Now these are my thoughts and my thoughts alone. I always thought the character of the joker would have more of persona than I personally have ever seen displayed.

I do want to cosplay my own creation of the joker one day, and the way I see the character is that the joker is a mask, created as a distraction by the mastermind that sits underneath it all. A man who is intelligent, and ferocious enough to create “the joker” as a disguise to allow him to get away with incredibly insane things all the while being a regular everyday person underneath. I would love to see a rendition of this type of character not someone with a split personality exactly but some one who is well and truly aware that his mask is the reason he gets away with so much that he utilises is to his advantage knowing batman will never kill him.

Still these are my thoughts and ideas.


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