Dlc….. the controversy

  The controversy of DLC


In this day and age paying for a video game and having to shell out for dlc further down the road is a common thing, but how accepted it is? I spoke to some of my closest friends who had some very different opinions in the matter.

Some say “it’s the done thing, you kind of expect it now, it’s not that big of a shock anymore” whilst others couldn’t be more offended. The fact that some game companies (who will remain nameless) even bother to publish their unfinished games without hiding the fact that its unfinished and then charge you for the dlc, are the ones that bother me personally. The gall of some companies to disguise what can only be described as an unfinished piece of work as something that will eventually use extra components to make the player feel whole, and charge them for it, is one of the biggest downfall’s to the video game industry.

Now I understand that studios have budgets and deadlines but I am confident in saying that I think most gamers would rather wait an extra 3 months for a game that comes complete on release day than a game that promises completion but boasts 4 dlc packs to be released at further dates, or even dlc that costs more money.

Some companies have hit the nail on the head with their strategies of releasing a game with a full complete story that makes you love the game, and then releasing dlc that only helps increase your love for the game that gives the player a reason to return to the game. Now buying dlc isn’t something I’m against, what I’m against it releasing dlc that shouldn’t cost the player a penny as it should have been with the game on release day. Player’s deserve to have their money treated with respect, they deserve the developers respect and most of all they deserve the publisher’s respect, as in some cases the publisher is the one responsible for splitting games into dlc that has been complete since launch day and will be released six weeks later as a ploy for more money. Which brings me to another peeve of mine which to be honest seems to be universally hated from the opinions I’ve come across and that is a “season pass.”

A “Season Pass” is basically something publishers have instituted to try and prevent the second hand game market, something that puts a fork in the road for both consumers and gamers alike by saying here if you want this game but don’t want to pay full whack and would rather wait a couple of weeks and get it at a discount rate second hand then you do that, BUT if you want to play all of those features that come with the game then it’s going to cost you another £15. And the worst part about this total CON is that in some cases this isn’t even the purpose of the “season pass” the purpose is even more devious in an attempt to get your money.

What? You have paid £45 for our brand new game, but you want to play multiplayer on all the new maps and dlc we release, well buy our “season pass” and get permission to play on these new maps before we release them. You basically pay for DLC disguised as a bonus for buying the game, or dressed up as an offer too good to miss. The fact that your passion and hobby is seen as a cash cow for money hungry executives is why online purchases, digital downloads and electronic game libraries will never be the big market the executives want it to be.

So I think in summary, games that release dlc as an extra for the player are on the right track, but charging for dlc that was intended to be part of the game on release is daylight robbery and season passes are a ploy. Gamers will always want to be valued and understood by their favourite studios above all else and for that reason DLC is always going to be a heated controversial subject amongst the community, but at least now you all know FIRMLY where I stand on the subject.


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