White washing Hollywood?


I am personally fed up of the whole concept of white washing Hollywood.  I think the biggest controversy at the moment being that scarlet johansen is playing the major in the upcoming dreamworks adaptation of shiro masamune‘s ghost in the shell. Now I… like most people love the source material and think that this needs to be done well or not at all.

My problems with the film is not that scarlet is white and the major is Japanese in the source material, that doesn’t bother me at all because this is a westernisation of the material

The fact that it is a westernisation should stop thousands of people right there. If this wasn’t  a westernisation then we would all be watching a Japanese movie in the cinema,  as simple as that. There are HUGE cinematic cultural difference between Japan and the West that would make some of the things you would see in a Japanese Live Action film seem terrible or even uncomfortable, and in some cases a laughably bad decision. (To see my point in full Attack On Titan fans should watch the Japanese live action version film, you will immediately see my point about cultural cinematography)

Anyway my issue is that the writers, producers, director, and cinematographer need to get this right. I have total faith in the fact that scarlet can act. With her leading the film I think its off to a strong start.

I think more people should be concerned with this film turning into another AFFLECK’S DAREDEVIL rather than they made a Japanese character white. 
And they did this because they wanted a recognisable strong female lead that will draw people in, and with scarlet already playing black widow in the MCU she is already a believable ass kicker.

Now I’ve seen people make polls, lists, and suggestion top tens of Japanese actors that should of been cast in the main role. But if you ask me that is as every bit ridiculous as if it were the other way round and I had suggested because an American company was making the film there should be an American actor leading.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that this whole white wash thing is total crap. You can’t have hordes of people complain that iron fist is being played by a white guy and not a Chinese guy and then say micheal clarke Duncan was a brilliant kingpin (which he was) because a white wash doesn’t  just work one way. There have been other instances where some of my favorite characters in shows or film adaptations of source material have been ethnically or regionally different and I’ve never lost my mind and started a reddit thread to boycott a sensible casting decision. The be all and end all of this is that I think people should just respect the decision of a film maker’s casting choice. By all means be against it if you wish you are entitled to be.

Just (wheaton ‘s law) don’t be a dick.

Aceept it and move on and give it a chance or disagree and don’t watch it.


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